Android Application Development

There are 2 billion monthly active Android devices present globally. This is an overwhelming milestone that indicates the largest reach of any computing platform of its kind. With such popularity, Android app development has become a requisite to all sorts of business enterprises. Powerful Android apps boast humongous potential to take your business to the next level.

We, at Cumulations, have always been at the forefront of creating powerful and immersive apps. Our unique approach in tandem with our bleeding-edge development techniques has helped us to build world-changing Android applications.

Peerless Expertise Of Our Android Team

At Cumulations, we have the required team structure for building nonpareil apps that will certainly exceed your expectations. Our team includes Android developers with 5+ yrs. of experience, having expertise in tools like Android Studio, Github, Jenkins, and Jira. We build native apps using Java and Kotlin languages and follow clean architecture for development. We have substantial domain expertise in Healthcare, AI, e-Commerce and IoT.

Our team has worked with several Startups, established enterprises and individuals to build high-performance apps for different business verticals. We observe a shorter timeline that abridges the gap between conceptualization and actual product delivery. Our engineering mavericks are bent upon proffering a collection of custom-made deliverables that will inflate your revenue margins.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Unmatched experience & proven expertise

We absolutely love being on the cutting edge. We constantly push our limits and leverage our knowledge in developing robust apps. With years of experience and expertise spanning the entire mobile ecosystem, starting from interactive interface design to server-side architecture and integration, we have got you covered.

A committed team for support & compliance

We have an in-house consortium of learned professionals who follow an agile development methodology to proffer robust end-to-end solutions. Our heterogeneous team works assiduously to apprehend the client’s requirements and delve into the finest of details before releasing the final output.

Robust growth & development timelines

Every minute counts. That is why we work closely with you to shorten the app timeline. We have a reputation for delivering on-time, on-budget projects.

Rigorous QA process

We observe strict quality assurance to build bug-free, high-performing apps. We do not rest till the time your app passes through the gauntlet of our manual and automated tests, and makes it through clean. We also extend complete after-support and maintenance to place you ahead of the pack.

Finely-tuned customer service

We have always focused on providing optimal customer service by delivering consummate business value for all our hundreds of mobile app development projects.

Our Android App Development Process

Information gathering

We begin with aprehending the defined needs of ou client, their business objectives and philosophies to ensure our process is in sync with their expectations.


Next we develop a comprehensive app wireframe that delineates the platform details, feature specifications and feasibility choices.


Here, our adroit team gets down to designing the app with an interactive user interface. Static mockups of different screens are generated to give the client a bright idea of the final look and feel of the app.


Closely working with our designers, our programmers and architects toil to deliver robust and reliable applications. Our iterative, agile app development methodologies help us to keep our clients in loop and rigorously test the product along the way so that there are no hitches in the end.

Quality assurance

Our powerful testing strategies meticulously cover all aspects of quality to deliver a brilliant product. Consequently, all our deliverables are usable, durable and inspiring.

Support & maintenance

We work closely with our clients to offer complete support and maintenance of the app even after its launch. Additionally, we strive to develop new features with the evolution of your business needs.

We have developed and successfully delivered 100+ Android applications to our clients ranging from Startups to large enterprises in HealthCare, Multimedia, IoT and AI domains. If you are looking for experienced android app development company kindly write back to us at or you can also visit our contact us page, we will get back to you in less than 24 hrs.